1941 Frozen Front Android Review – Turn-Based War Strategy In The Snow

1941 Frozen Front Android Review - Fight The Tanks In The Snow

Handy Games finally made 1941 Frozen Front available for android, and it seems that it’s pretty much the same game like iOS version.

As you can probably can conclude from the game title, 1941 Frozen Front is placed in Second World War, to be more specific, game takes place in famous Winter Campaign, during 1941. It is a turn-based strategy, where you lead your army of tanks, troops and other vehicles in fight with enemy’s army of tanks.

1941 Frozen Front Gameplay

You can choose between two sides to play with. The first one is Soviet army, if you take control of this army you’ll fight against Nazi troops from Germany to defend Moscow and prevent their conquer of the city and crush of your empire. The second one is German side, if you choose this army, your Nazi, world-conquering oriented forces will fight the Soviet army of tanks, in order to conquer Moscow and crush Soviets in World War II. Every can move a specific number of spaces during each turn, and attack once. Of course, there are more and less powerful units with more and less powerful abilities. For example you can cause a lot more damage with tank, than with soldier. The main goal of the game is to destroy the enemy, but you will also have some optional, sub-objectives, such as specified route of moving on the front, or specifying which base you must destroy first.  There are in-app purchases that will help you in boosting your attacking force, or strengthen your defensive walls. Another tactic to to increase your chances of defending from the enemy troops is building bunkers and establishing special ant-air placements, which will prevent danger from the air, which is threaten by enemy aircrafts.

Screen shot of the gameplay of 1941 Frozen Front

1941 Frozen Front Controls

Controls are very simple. You move your units by swiping with your finger, piece of cake. But you have to plan carefully your moves if you want to lead your team to victory, because enemies could be very tricky, and winning in the battle requires constantly thinking a step ahead, and reasonable planning your and predict enemy’s moves.

Each figure is placed on the hexagonal board, similar to Civilization V on PC. And, as I mentioned, you move your figures by moving these hexagonal boards with your finger.

1941 Frozen Front Graphics

Frozen Front graphics are very good for a free game. Landscapes and fields are very well designed, with solid number of details and snow-covered 3D battlefield environment. Units are also very good designed. Graphic is on high standard for a free game, but Handy Games is famous developer, nothing less was expected. But with all these advantages of good design and graphics, goes one really annoying stuff. Huge and on the top of the screen. This could be very annoying for the players, because it spoils the look of the game. And if you accidentally tap on the ad, it will interrupt your important battle, and you might lose your mind. This ad could be removed, for the price of $2.22, which doesn’t make this game completely free. And it is not likely that many players would give their money for removing it, since they got the game for free. Many players will rather deal with it, than pay for the removal.

Screen shot of the gameplay of 1941 Frozen Front

1941 Frozen Front Music

There is not so much to say about music. It is a classic, war-themed music, which can be found in many, many war-themed games. So, nothing spectacular, nothing, what wasn’t seen before.


1941 Frozen Front is solid Second World War turn-based strategy with solid graphic and gameplay, so if you are a fan of the genre, you definitely should give it a try. The game is free to download in Google Play store, but you’ll have to pay $2.22 for removing a huge, annoying ad on the top of the screen. This may discourage many users to play this game, because it will annoy them fast, and many people would rather find another game, than pay $2.22 just for removing the ad.

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Created by: Ivan Jenic

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  1. Great game, really good work, I tottaly like it. Playing about 4 days, and I just cant stop it, true strategy!

    One question:
    In online game mode is too many passive players which hold my golds for days, so I cant use it on other fronts (matches). My question is how long should I wait my enemy to take a move and finish his turn?
    It’s not fair if he just stop play when he realiced that he is going to lose….


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